17 Jun 2015


I'd move to Berlin in a heartbeat; everything about the way of life there sings to me. Relaxed bars, endless flea markets, countless green spaces, a plethora of independent galleries, bustling food halls, incredibly cyclist friendly - the list goes on.

For this most recent trip, we set up home right by the canal in Kreuzkolln, smack bang in the middle of my two favourite neighbourhoods. I'm not one for sight seeing, I prefer to get down to the nitty-gritty and get stuck into life as a local, so (besides whizzing around the main 'sites' one evening for a friend who was a Berlin virgin), we stuck to whizzing around the city on our bikes, discovering hidden nooks and crannies.

16 Jun 2015


Apologies for my unexplained absence - I'm aware that I've been AWOL for over a month now! I'm still here, just somewhat sporadically. I've lots of content to share, including an Off the Beaten Track guide to my favourite place on the planet, Berlin. But first things first - I've been meaning to share the new Nadinoo lookbook with you for some time now.

17 May 2015


I've always fancied frolicking in colourful fields filled with flowers.Sunflowers, poppies, tulips, lavender or multi-hued wild flowers - the brighter the better. Imagine my delight when my boyfriend suggested that we drive to find a rape seed field to take photos in!

9 May 2015


I'm currently feeling the urge to paint walls, varnish floors, upcycle vintage furniture and spend all my well earned cash on crockery, wicker baskets and patterned blankets. Is this what it means to get old? I rinsed last month's pay check on plant pots, herbs and wood chip for the garden; now I'm itching to redecorate the interior of our home.

29 Apr 2015


Is it weird that I enjoy planning holidays almost as much as I like going on them? I get excited months in advance, purchase every travel guide going, sift through thousands of blog posts, start stalking people on Instagram, and accost every person I know who has previously been to my upcoming destination.

These analogue shots are all from last year's European jaunt with a group of friends. We traveled by train from London - Paris - Aix en Provence - Barcelona, living off a diet of avocados and cava. We lazed in parks, drove up terrifying roads to witness terrific views, swam in icy lakes, partied all night, and attempted to sleep on trains. I'm off to Berlin with the gang one month today, and there will almost certainly be more photos to share upon my return.