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Posted on: 4 Nov 2014

There's nothing more pleasing on the eye than a landscape of rust and green hues. This is my favourite time of year to get out and explore.

Photographs: Alex Strohl, Emma Lavelle, Emma Lavelle, Alex Strohl, Berta Bernad, Frecklesnur, Emma Lavelle, Jeff Luker, Jessica Tremp, Marta Vargas

Scandi Stories

Posted on: 3 Nov 2014

Everything about & Other Stories is aesthetically pleasing, right down to the behind the scenes goings on in their Stockholm-based Atelier. Mood-boards, colour charts and easels hang on huge white walls whilst packaging prototypes litter wooden desks. 

I have to confess, one of the places that I am most looking forward to visiting during my upcoming trip to Copenhagen is the & Other Stories store.

Marta Vargas for Freunde von Freunden.


Posted on: 2 Nov 2014

Serbian photographer, artist and general babe, Ana Kras has got to be one of the coolest gals on the planet right now. She's got that nonchalant Parisian-meets-LA style absolutely nailed, she's uber talented (photographer, artist, furniture designer - what can't she do?) and her relationship with Devendra Banhart is the stuff of contemporary fairy tales. She flies to LA to take photos of Devendra for a magazine, after 5 minutes of knowing her he asks her to marry him. She declines his offer, but stays in LA for their happy ever after. Too cool.

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